Attachment Extractor for Mail on MAC OS X

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Attachment extractor for Mail is an email management tool that can save your attachment with only 3 clicks. The program extracts mail attachments from your mailbox using a set of filters and saves extracted files to any selected folder on your disk. A set of options can help you to customize the output folders according to your needs. Depending on filters, the Attachment extractor sorts out the extracted attachments by dates, contents of the message subject, types of attachments. Extracted files can be either put into subfolders matching the folders of your Mailbox or catalogued by dates. After processing mailbox with Attachment extractor for Mail, you will get a structured catalogue of attachments for further reference.

Attachment Extractor for Mail on Mac OS


  • Save any attachments, such as image files, into a directory of your choice.
  • Auto Rename attachment files in the event of duplication.
  • Customizable sorting and sub-directory creation, based upon date.
  • Options for managing your email attachments in a breeze.
  • Generate and Show attachment extraction report.
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Available for Mail on Mac OS


Download and Purchase the Attachment Extractor for Mail from MAC App Store.

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  1. Full Version: After purchasing, Attachment Extractor for Mac should be automatically downloaded and installed on your Mac. Look for Attachment Extractor in your "Applications" folder, or check the "Purchases" tab in the Mac App Store to re-download the application for free.
  2. Trial Version: Run the installer (DMG file) on your MAC to start installation. Follow the on-screen instructions.  The installer will install the attachment extractor on your MAC.


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